As an ambitious cultural institution, do you want to take part in the increasingly interesting exchange between German and Arab cultural spheres?

Do you want to benefit from the growing interest of Arab foundations and funds in prestigious exhibitions and collections? Are you planning an ambitious exhibition, traveling through several cultural metropolises? Are you looking for a partner from the Arab region – to co-finance the whole endeavor – for the price of an exhibition in his country? Are you a movie producer looking for a co-producer? Sports manager looking for partners and sponsors?

We can help you find the right partner for common activities in the arts, culture and sports.

One example:
A German cultural institution was planning a large-scale exhibition on the influence of classical Islamic culture on the development of European cultures. The exhibition was to be displayed in both great cultural regions. We identified potential hosting institutions and scientific cooperation partners. Initiating co-operations and sensitively bridging the cultural divide was a focus.