Are you looking for a renowned partner for research and development in the MENA-region?

Conditions for R&D are excellent, especially in the Gulf States where one understands that knowledge-based societies are sustainable. German partners are sought after for research partnerships. Innovative technologies are in demand. We broker cooperation between private companies and institutions from science, education and innovation sectors. We negotiate the framework and realization of common R&D projects on your behalf.

  • Identification of potential cooperation partners
  • Selection process, common evaluation of the differentoptions
  • Initiation of talks and support till signing of cooperation contracts
  • Further monitoring of the project and tasks to safeguard project success

One example:
A German company was looking for a financially potent and technically interested Arab partner institution for a research project in the field of material sciences and carbon fiber. We identified a country and scientific partner institution and laid the groundwork for a financial cooperation.