Jürgen Hogrefe

An experienced manager and consultant, Jürgen Hogrefe is deeply rooted in four important sectors:

  • politics
  • economy
  • culture
  • media

He started his journalistic career in 1978 at the Hannoverschen Allgemeinen Zeitung. Posts at an educational monthly and as press relations officer in the parliament of Lower-Saxony followed.

For 18 years, beginning in 1985, he wrote for the weekly news magazine DER SPIEGEL, as Middle East correspondent based in Jerusalem from 1993 onwards. Traveling most of the Arab League countries during this time, he conducted interviews and talks with numerous potentates, opposition members, economic leaders and persons from the cultural sector. Many of the contacts established during that time are still part of his solid network in the Arab countries. Jürgen Hogrefe also served as a diplomatic correspondent for the SPIEGEL in Berlin, reporting on German foreign policy.

In 2003, he began working for the energy group EnBW. Over six intense years serving in top-level management of the group, he gained in-depth knowledge of energy, energy technology and economics as well as national and international aspects of energy policy. As chief representative and senior vice president of “Economy, Policy and Society” renewable energies, climate protection and innovations were his EnBW topics of focus. Hogrefe started the “German Climate Congress” for the group, inviting the recent Nobel Prize Laureate Al Gore as a keynote speaker of the 2008 Climate Congress.

Further areas of responsibility were the topics innovation and new business development. For three years, Hogrefe chaired the "Impulskreis Energie", a think-tank on energy policy, as part of the Partner for Innovation program, an advisory council for the Federal Government. Recommendations of the "Impulskreis" influenced policy as well as legislation. EnBW registered a global patent on work by Hogrefe and his colleague Hans Mucha on strategy and software for the development of an energy-optimized city of the future. The model city project in China was developed together with the architecture studio Albert Speer & Partner.

Further international activities included market development in the Gulf region. Hogrefe gave trend-setting impulses for the development of the energy model-city of Masdar. In Saudi Arabia, Hogrefe worked on the energetic optimization of one of the planned mega-cities.

In September 2009, Jürgen Hogrefe founded his own business consultancy agency hogrefe Consult in Berlin. “Basically, all I do is communication,” says Hogrefe. “And actually that’s been the case forever. I explain to person A what person B is doing. And I explain to person C how person D thinks. It was like that in journalism; it’s not different at all in consultancy. The basis of successful mediation in every case is a profound understanding of people and things, and the pleasure of sharing one’s knowledge.”

Ever since his time as Middle East correspondent for DER SPIEGEL, Hogrefe has been an insider and friend of Arab culture. Communicating between cultures, clearing out misunderstandings, overcoming cultural bias and building bridges are part of the motivation behind his work.

In 2016 Hogrefe expanded his activities to include German-Iranian relations. The Iranian company IVAR promoted Hogrefe to Country Manager Germany for the company Platform Partner – a specialized service company for the development of commercial and industrial cooperation between European companies and Iran.


Also in 2016 Hogrefe founded the company 1Future.international 1FI GmbH together with his partners Richard Gaul und Andreas Breitsprecher. 1Future.international initiates and promotes acquisition projects of domestic and foreign companies. Clients are foreign investors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH-region) who seek corporate investments or acquisitions. Regional priorities are the China, the USA, Russia and the Arabic countries.


  • Ghorfa, Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Member of the Board
  • German-Qatari Association, Director
  • Friends of Jemen, Vice President
  • German Emirati Council for Industry and Commerce (AHK); Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman
  • German-Arab Friendship Association (DAFG)
  • Emirati German Friendship Society
  • Berliner Festspiele, member of the Board of Patrons
  • Hertha BSC Foundation, member of the Advisory Council
  • German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP)
  • German Association for Concentrated Solar Power


  • Das neue Denken- Das Neue denken, Ed., with Utz Claassen, Göttingen 2005
  • Das Helle und das Dunkle, Ed., with Utz Claassen, Göttingen 2004
  • Gerhard Schröder- Ein Porträt, Berlin 2002
  • Über Norddeutschland, Hanover 1994
  • Niedersächsische Skandalchronik, Göttingen 1992
  • various publications in books and journals


A tabular CV can be downloaded here.