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Harriet von Oelhafen
Harriet von Oelhafen

Harriet von Oelhafen

hogrefe Consult strives to offer its clients ideal preparation for entry into Arab markets. In some cases, specific intercultural training makes sense. Custom-tailored, intensive preparation can teach how to move about in the Arab context. Cultural differences are widely underestimated: We tend to assume that our business standards apply globally. This is not the case, particularly for the Arab region. Not only does the Arab region move at a different pace, but basic differences in mentality and interpersonal conventions must to be taken into account.

For preparatory intercultural training, hogrefe Consult collaborates with the renowned specialist on the Gulf region, Harriet von Oelhafen. With her agency HvO Training & Consulting, Harriet von Oelhafen has been working as a trainer, consultant and coach since 1991. Living in Qatar from 2005 to 2010 further expanded von Oelhafen’s profound knowledge of the region. Her experience on the Arab peninsula led to the publication of her book "Inscha'Allah Arabia - Katar, drum herum und außerdem". Apart from offering intercultural training seminars, she also offers lectures about the Gulf region, subjects of life and work in the Gulf region under the title “Qatar, land of superlatives.”


Von Oelhafen’s experience is based on an extensive, plural education. After studying social sciences at the LMU and TU Munich, she underwent education for her current professional field at renowned institutions, amongst them studies in HR management at Pace University / New York, coaching at Hephaistos Institut in Munich, and training as a lecturer for continued education at the Wirtschaftsinstitut Kiel. Harriet von Oelhafen is a certified DISG-trainer, lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business on undergraduate communication and sales and graduate level communication and personal skills. At Neu-Ulm University of Applied Science she is teaching the course Rhetoric and Presentation. 

Harriet von Oelhafen is the German-Qatari Association's vice president, as well as member of the German-Arab Friendship Association, the German-Omani Association and member at SIETAR Germany (Society for Intercultural Training, Education and Research).