Why the Arab region

Why the Arab region

The Arab countries are in their start-up period

MENA - Middle East & North Africa

The MENA-region is one of the most exciting in the world. Societies in this region are changing. Times of upheaval are times of disturbance – but also times of start-ups and opportunities. New subjects and business segments arise; new players enter the field. The population is rapidly growing; many countries display significant unsatisfied demand. Interesting markets develop. Countries in the Gulf region in particular impress with bold and visionary concepts. Enjoying renewal and growth, they dare to undertake dramatic developments in a short period of time.

That makes it a great time to look for new, fresh partners.

The Arab region is becoming more and more attractive.

Traditionally, Germans export high-grade products and import basic materials. No less than a quarter of German exports go to the Arab region. Astonishing changes lie ahead in this regard as well.

Arab countries are placing high value in our knowledge and skills. They want to develop “knowledge-based societies.” A new and wide field of cooperation is opening up.

Eye-level collaboration is the key to success. This offers great possibilities, also for small businesses and service providers. Knowledge transfer, education and training: We have a great opportunity to contribute to the modernization of the Orient.

As Germans, we are extraordinarily privileged, sought-after partners: precision, reliability and the quality of our products is appreciated, as well as our straightforward way of doing business. Arab partners are often willing to spend slightly more, knowing that “Made in Germany” still promises extraordinary qualities.