hogrefe Consult


hogrefe Consult is the specialist in German-Arab relations.

In Arab countries, hogrefe Consult has a strong network of high-profile personalities in politics, economy, society and culture.

hogrefe Consult analyzes countries and markets, develops entry strategies and assists companies and institutions in the Arab regionin their successful closure of projects.

Founder Jürgen Hogrefe’s familiarity with the Arab world dates back as far as 1993. The relationships and knowledge developed and fostered over the last 21 years form hogrefe Consult’s solid foundation. Team members coming from Arab backgrounds further heighten the consultancy’s professional and cultural expertise. hogrefe Consult maintains associate offices in important target countries.

In recent years, hogrefe Consult extended its activities in the Gulf region in particular, increasingly focusing on Saudi Arabia and Qatar, because of those countries’ interesting development and vast opportunities.

Arabia is different.

Though the same phones are being used in Riad and Berlin and the same cars are being driven in Doha and Munich, the people using them differ from us. We strive for common ground and collaboration, but cultural differences often impede success. hogrefe Consult is building bridges. “Cross Culture” – overcoming cultural borders – is one of our core competencies.

Regardless of the sector, the basis of all successful business relationships in the Arab region is trust. Trust is a rare resource. You cannot buy trust. You can only earn trust through immense effort over a long period of time.

German clients benefit from the trust hogrefe Consult enjoys from numerous Arab figures, institutions and companies. This degree of trust saves our clients time – and money.

hogrefe Consult also caters to Arab clients from various sectors in Germany. These Arab clients trust us, knowing, that we are at home in both cultures. This comes with benefits for all: On occasion we are able to directly connect clients from both cultural areas.

Thanks to years of founder Jürgen Hogrefe’s prominent activities, hogrefe Consult is also a sought-after address in Germany in science, politics, economics and media benefiting our Arab as well as German clients. Sometimes supporters in Germany are also needed for success in Arab countries.